• Looking to improve workplace productivity?
    TimeTrax - The Intuitively Managed Employees' TRAnsformation Xoftware
    is an all-in-one Human Capital Management Cloud-ready solution for all
    your HR needs. 10 Super-modules, cover all aspects of HR services,
    right from Appointments to Appraisals.
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  • TimeTrax - Cloud HCM Software
    The best Investment for your Human Capital
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  • orBItrax - Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool
    A powerful and easy to use BI Tool
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    Multiple Report Types
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    Drill Down Capability
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    Multiple Filters
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    Report Scheduling

Hello And Welcome To TimeTrax®

Cloud HCM Software - The best Investment for your Human Capital

Building upon the confidence and satisfaction of over 1,000 clients across Pakistan and gaining success across the MENA region with this complete HRIS / HCM Solution meeting the needs of over 35 industry verticals, the domain of Human Resource Management Solutions has been completely revamped with the splendor of TimeTrax - The Cloud-based integrated solution for Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Travel, Document, Training, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal and Task Management. The HR Dashboard orBItrax sits on top, to provide HR Analytics and Metrics to the top Management to assist in Strategic Decision-making and ROI calculations.

So, when shall we deliver an interactive Demo and get your organization on track for HR Transformation?

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