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TimeTrax Product Overview

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With an intuitive design and a comprehensive list of powerful features, a truly robust Human Capital Management Software helps you manage all your HR needs. The TimeTrax is a highly regarded Cloud-based HCMS that covers nearly the entire scope of HR Management and strictly compliant with both local and global Best HR Practices, from the basic monthly routine processes of Attendance, Leave, Payroll & Travel management to the periodic processes of Hiring, Documentation, Training & Separation management. The system goes on to provide the complex and highly strategic modules for Appraisal/Performance management and finally, the robust HR Dashboard application- orBItrax for the senior management's reporting needs. TimeTrax thus offers value to each individual in the organization individually and the HR department collectively; thereby improving its acceptance and ensuring a quick turnaround time coupled with a marked ROI.



TimeTrax® Modules

eAttendance - Attendance ManagementeLeave - Leave ManagementePayroll - Payroll ManagementeTravel - Travel ManagementeDocs - Document ManagementeTraining - Training ManagementeRecruitment - Recruitment ManagementeAppraisal - Performance ManagementeExpense - The Electronic Expense ManagereCanteen - Canteen ManagementeTMS - Task Management SystemeManPlan - Manpower/Workforce PlanningeHelpDesk - Help desk ManagementeSurvey - Survey ManagementeIncident - Mental Health ImprovementeAccess Control - Access Management

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