eCanteen - Canteen Management

eCanteen is an automated canteen management module that takes the administrative burden away from the ordering, cash collection & handling and billing processes. It is intuitively designed for mid-large organizations to replace manual canteen handling and essential for preventing long queues by speedy and easy transactions.

With the user-friendly interface of eCanteen you can view & track different menu items, it includes payments & prevents accounting errors. Integrated with Biometric/RFID devices eCanteen gives a hassle free and transparent canteen management solution that improves productivity, quality of service and reduces the wastage of food.






  • Supports multiple vendors/caterers & locations
  • Automated Canteen Management Process
  • Integrated with biometric & RFID Devices for cashless transactions
  • Comprehensive Reports employee-wise/caterer/vendor-wise etc.
  • Can be integrated with Payroll to apply deductions automatically from the salary

Business Benefits

  • Reduced administrative work
  • Helps in raw material/resource planning
  • Cashless and paperless transactions
  • Prevents food wastage & errors in Accounting
  • Optimal for entertaining guests and managing their billing to employee or company account


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