ePOS is a complete Online Point of Sale Software that covers all of the activities related to Purchase, Inventory & Sales. ePOS provides functionalities like Purchase orders, Purchases, Returns, Stock Adjustment, real time stock updating, Inventory red alerts, reorder levels, Vendor info, Customers info, Sales orders, Invoice processing, Recovery, Advances, Debit note/Credit note & different types of reports for monitoring Purchases, Inventory & Sales. At the same time it function as an Accounting and Invoicing System.

This comprehensive software encompasses a series of events that occur from the time of receiving an order to the point of receiving payment.


ePOS allows you to concentrate on your customers and sales that helps retailers simplify their operations, and increase sales. It’s nothing less than a revolution in retail software which covers a wide range of features.

Apart from this there are some features which make ePos an indispensable part of business operations for any organization:

  • Support for multiple locations - and stock transfers between locations.
  • Sales tracking by product, department and client.
  • Comparative sales histories.
  • Price quotes that can be recalled and processed as sales.
  • Multiple points-of-sale without a network.
  • Import inventory from other databases.
  • Management reports are made available in real-time.


ePOS is a powerful point of sale management software platform that delivers practical functionality. It’s easy to use and can guarantee that you enjoy operational efficiency and profitable growth!

  • Visibility to Make Better Decisions - Management reports are available in real-time, providing the information you need to make better business decisions.
  • Operations Efficiencies that Reduce Time & Costs – ability to automate processing and reduce staffing costs.
  • Sales Improvement
  • Flexible Business Control, Ease of Use & Customizations

ePOS gives your business the power to operate without boundaries, as if all branches and departments are located in one location.

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